Wisdom Teeth Removal in Crystal Lake, IL

Prevent Costly Future Surgeries and Relieve Pain by Removing Wisdom Teeth Early

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, should be removed early because there is not enough room in the human mouth to accommodate extra molars. Leaving wisdom teeth untreated could lead to costly and painful surgeries in the future.

When teeth have become blocked by overlying gum and/or bone tissue and are unable to erupt correctly into the mouth, they are considered to be impacted. Sometimes patients do not experience any symptoms from an impacted wisdom tooth, and a dental exam with X-ray imaging or CBCT scanning is needed to diagnose the issue. Impacted teeth can cause damage to nearby teeth and nerves, as well as tumors, cysts, or infection.

When Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

We recommend removing wisdom teeth during the early to mid-teen years. Younger patients tend to have more comfortable procedures and much faster recoveries, which equates to less time away from work or school and less discomfort overall.

Your general dentist or orthodontist will monitor your wisdom teeth as they develop and can refer you to an oral surgeon for removal. X-rays or other diagnostic scans during your regular checkups with your dentist will help determine the timing.

Wisdom Teeth Removal At Our Crystal Lake Office, What To Expect:

During Your Procedure

When undergoing wisdom teeth removal at our practice, your experience will begin with a consultation appointment with one of our oral surgeons, where you will receive an X-ray to assess the location, size, and depth of the wisdom teeth. Based on this initial X-ray, a more detailed 3D CBCT scan may be recommended. This assessment will then allow your surgeon to create a customized treatment plan for the procedure, including your choice of anesthesia or sedation. You will also receive detailed pre- and post-operative instructions that you must follow very carefully.

On the day of your procedure, it is possible that you will be instructed to take certain medications that we will have prescribed to you in advance to help minimize post-operative discomfort and swelling. Your doctor will administer the chosen form of anesthesia and extract the wisdom teeth. Then, your surgeon will administer local anesthesia to your surgical sites to ensure comfort and allow adequate time to travel home and rest. The procedure typically takes about 60 minutes to complete.

If you received general anesthesia or IV sedation for your wisdom tooth removal procedure, a parent or responsible adult must be present in the office during your procedure and be able to drive you home and stay with you for the rest of the day.

After Your Procedure

If you had general anesthesia or IV sedation, you can expect to be sleepy for a significant portion of the day. The local anesthesia will wear off once you are home, and you may require prescription pain medication for continued comfort. Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen may be sufficient. Your post-operative instructions will guide you along your recovery journey, and you can always contact us with any questions.

4 Oral Health Benefits of Removing Wisdom Teeth

By removing wisdom teeth early, you are taking steps to prevent a number of oral health complications that may arise due to untreated wisdom teeth. Most wisdom teeth are removed during the mid to late teen years, but they can be removed at virtually any age. Having wisdom teeth extracted can provide these benefits:

  1. Relieve pain. The pressure of an extra set of molars trying to push and squeeze into the dental arch can cause pain, which is alleviated when these molars are removed.
  2. Prevent infection. Not being able to clean the teeth properly can cause gum infections, like periodontal disease.
  3. Prevent dental crowding. Dental crowding can cause pressure and discomfort, and wisdom teeth can knock your other teeth out of alignment.
  4. Prevent cysts, growths, and tumors. Untreated wisdom teeth can cause unnecessary and painful growths to form around them.

Detailed Post-Operative Instructions

Everything you need to know about your procedure and what to expect during recovery can be found in the instructions that we provide. Please read them closely to ensure your treatment runs smoothly.

The Cost of Having Wisdom Teeth Extracted and Other Questions

Lehman & Menis Dental Implant and Oral Surgery Specialists strive to deliver an exceptional patient experience. To that end, it is important for us to provide outstanding oral surgery services at a reasonable cost for our patients. Wisdom teeth procedures will vary in cost, depending on insurance coverage, the number of wisdom teeth in question, the choice of anesthesia, and other factors.

You can contact us for a consultation, where we can evaluate your specific needs. Once we create your treatment plan, we will be able to provide a cost estimate. We will also help you obtain maximum insurance coverage for your treatment.

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