Highly Detailed and Accurate 3D Images

Our office in beautiful Crystal Lake is equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment to enhance the overall patient experience. We utilize Cone Beam Computed Tomography, or CBCT, for diagnostic images that are three-dimensional, high definition, and extremely accurate while emitting the lowest level of radiation possible.

Your teeth and jaws will be able to be viewed from all angles, helping to prevent unnecessary procedures and eliminating any surprises. Typically, a 3D scan is performed on most patients during their first visit.

Benefits of 3D Scanning

It has been shown that 3D digital diagnostic technology not only helps oral surgeons perform efficient procedures with great accuracy, but they also lead to reduced post-operative discomfort, faster healing times, and optimal functional and aesthetic results. Additional benefits include:

  • Extremely detailed digital images of the oral and facial anatomy and condition, viewable from all angles
  • Improved diagnostic ability for efficient treatment planning and an easier, safer, and less invasive surgery
  • Instantly available for the oral surgeon to view and share with other members of the care team and referring physician
  • A full scan is completed in seconds

The Advantages of 3D Scans and Oral Surgery

As technology advances, doctors are able to utilize more tools to ensure accuracy and precision during surgery. 3D scans are helpful for dental implant placement by providing details about the exact depth, location, and angle an implant should be placed. These scans also help detect issues, such as impacted canines and wisdom teeth, or help identify any malformations in the mouth. They can aid in ensuring a smooth procedure to extract a tooth, when necessary, and provide your surgeon with more information related to your condition and oral health needs.

Dr. Lehman and Dr. Menis strive to incorporate the latest advances in dentistry and medicine so that patients can experience an optimum oral surgery experience. If you have questions about 3D CBCT scanning or would like to learn more, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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